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The RTM meets regularly, eight times a year at 8:00 p.m. in the auditorium of Central Middle School. At the first meeting of a newly elected RTM all members present are sworn in and the Moderator and the Moderator Pro tempore are elected.

Matters that are to be presented to the RTM are sent to the Town Clerk by the Board of Selectmen and other town officials, or by petition of 20 registered voters.The items are then referred to the Moderator who places them on the agenda, known as the Call to all RTM members, town officials, and the media.

Copies of the Call are available to the public here online or at the Town Clerk's office. At the request of the Moderator, the Town Clerk's office sends any items requiring the attention of standing committees to the appropriate committee chair.

In addition to regularly scheduled RTM meetings, the Moderator is empowered to call a meeting of the RTM at any time and is required to do so when requested by the First Selectman, the chair of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, or by a petition of 20 registered voters.

District Meetings

Each district meets at a predetermined location at 8:00 p.m. on either Wednesday or Thursday of the week before the full RTM. At the first district meeting after the fall election, the representatives meet to elect their officers and choose delegates and alternates to each of the standing committees. It is the responsibility of each member to attend regularly the district meeting and assigned committee meetings. This system of district and standing committee meetings allows members to become informed and prepare the votes that come before the full RTM.

All district meetings are open to the public; residents are urged to attend and thereby learn how matters affecting them are being decided, ask questions, or express opinions. District meetings are our link to town government.

It is the responsibility of the district leader to publicize district meetings and to assist any member of the public who seeks guidance at the meeting of his or her district. Many district leaders maintain an extra copy of the agenda to give to interested residents at the district meeting.

Call your district chair, a member, or the Town Clerk regarding the Call (the agenda) and to confirm the time and place of your district meeting.

Committee Meetings

Eleven standing committees and two special standing committees deal with major continuing activities of town government. Standing committees meet at a specified time the week before regular RTM meetings.

Delegates and/or alternates from each district attend to hear the pros and cons of items referred to them. Residents may attend committee members report the results and votes at their district meetings. This is an essential link in the democratic process of the RTM.

The chair of each standing committee is responsible for reporting the results of the committee's findings and its votes to the full RTM. Records of committee meetings are available in the Town Clerk's office.

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