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Town Clerk


William John "Ian" Macmillan, Harbormaster
Phone: (203 ) 536-4578

Mailing Address:
c/o Town Hall Selectman's Office
101 Field Point Road
Greenwich, CT 06830

Harbor masters are charged with the general care and supervision of the harbors and navigable waterways over which they have jurisdiction, subject to the transportation commissioner's direction and control. They are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of such harbors and navigable waterways. 


2018 Mooring Application

State of Connecticut General Permit for Harbor Moorings

Department of the Army Permit Application

Pre-construction Notification (PCN) Required (essentially Cat 2) for commercial moorings 

(b) Special Conditions for PLACEMENT, REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT OF A NON-HARBOR MOORING authorized in Section 3(a)(2) of this general permit.
(1) Such mooring shall not be placed within a federally-designated navigation channel and shall not create a hazard to or interfere with existing navigation
uses in any waterway, including channels, turn basins, fairways, or transient anchorages.
(2) Such mooring shall not be located on or over submerged aquatic vegetation.
(3) Such mooring is not rented and no other charge by the permittee is made for its use, and it is not used for any commercial purpose. 
(4) Such mooring shall be easily identified by boaters and shall be maintained on tackle and anchors sufficient to prevent such mooring from changing position.
(5) Such mooring shall not be used by any boat, barge, or other structure or vessel which is neither used for nor capable of safe navigation except for emergency purposes.
(6) Such mooring shall be inspected annually to ensure the integrity of the components.
(7) Any such mooring located in the Connecticut River shall not interfere with existing drift net shad fisheries.
For a HARBOR MOORING just add these two eligibility conditions to the above seven:
(1) Such mooring shall have first been approved by a harbormaster in accordance with section 15-8 of the General Statutes and, where applicable, is consistent with a Harbor Management Plan approved pursuant to section 22a-113m of the General Statutes.
(8) This General Permit shall not be deemed applicable to any mooring with respect to which a harbormaster’s authorization under section 15-8 of the
General Statutes has expired or has been revoked.
For ARMY CORPS General Permits:
GP 3. MOORINGS (Section 10; navigable waters of the U. S.)
New private, non-commercial, non-rental, single-boat moorings & temporary moorings including moorings to facilitate construction or dredging; minor relocation of previously authorized moorings and mooring field expansions, boundary reconfigurations or modifications of previously authorized mooring fields and maintenance and replacement of moorings.  Not authorized under GP 3 are: Moorings within Federal Navigation channels.
Self-Verification (SV) Eligible (Category 1)
1. Private, non-commercial, non-rental, single-boat moorings and temporary moorings including
moorings that facilitate construction or dredging provided:
• No new moorings located in Federal anchorages;
• No new moorings located in Special Aquatic Sites (SAS);
• No new moorings located in shellfish beds;
• Authorized by local harbormaster/town;
• When existing, authorized moorings in SAS are going to be replaced, they shall be replaced with low impact mooring technology that prevents mooring chains from resting or dragging on the bottom substrate at all tides and helical anchors, or equivalent SAS protection systems.
2. Minor relocation of previously authorized moorings, provided:
• Authorized by the local harbormaster/town;
• Not located in SAS;
• Not located in Federal anchorages.

Pre-Construction Notification (PCN) Required (Category 2)

• Work not eligible for SV.
• Moorings associated with an existing boating facility*.
• Private moorings without harbormaster or local approval.
• Moorings located such that they, and/or vessels docked or moored at them, are within the buffer zone of the horizontal limits of a Federal Anchorage. The buffer zone is equal to 3 times the authorized depth of that channel.
*Boating Facility: Facilities that provide for a fee, rent, or sell mooring space, such as marinas, yacht clubs, boat clubs, boat yards, town facilities, dockominiums, etc.
Locating new individual moorings in SAS, including eelgrass, should be avoided to the maximum extent practicable. If SAS cannot be avoided, plans should show elastic mooring systems that prevent mooring chains from resting or dragging on the bottom substrate at all tides and helical anchors, or equivalent SAS protection systems, where practicable. For moorings that appear to impact SAS, the Corps may require an eelgrass 
Army Corps SV (Category 1) and OLISP GP’s are comparable, but Army Corps PCN (Category 2) could require full OLISP SDF permit.

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