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By law, a town's chief executive officer may appoint, for up to two years, any number of special constables he considers necessary to preserve public peace. They have the authority of constables to serve criminal process and make arrests and are generally used in situations involving public celebrations or disturbances. The chief executive can also appoint special constables within limited geographical jurisdiction or at the request of certain corporations, associations, or businesses. This latter type of constable has jurisdiction only on property owned by the business and is considered an employee of and paid by the business (CGS § 7-92). 

Constables who perform criminal law enforcement duties are considered peace officers for purposes of the penal code (CGS § 53a-3(9)). This means, that they can use physical force and, in certain circumstances, deadly physical force to make an arrest or prevent an escape (CGS § 53a-22). With exceptions, they may arrest, without a previous complaint or warrant, anyone apprehended in the act or upon the speedy information of others (CGS § 54-1f(a)). Elected constables cannot perform these latter functions unless the town provides, by ordinance, that they are peace officers for these purposes. 

Appointed constables who perform criminal law enforcement duties are considered police officers for purposes of the POSTC training requirements (CGS § 7-294a). This means that they must satisfy these requirements in order to perform such duties. The law does not define criminal law enforcement duties, but the attorney general has said that the terms law enforcement duties, police duties, or police functions encompass one or more of the following activities: "(1) enforcement of criminal or traffic laws, (2) preservation of public order, (3) the protection of life or property; and (4) the prevention, detection or investigation of crime" (Op. A.G., Sep. 21, 1993, p. 4). 

Town Constables
There are 4 constables nominated from each party; 7 are elected, 4 from the majority party and 3 from the minority party. The term of office is 2 years (Terms expire December 31).

List of Town Constables

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