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Waste Disposal & Recycling

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About Recycling:

Click for Larger Image Recycling in 2015!!! We appreciate all of the efforts our Town residents have put in to be environmentally friendly and recycle. Click here for the brochure on Recycling and Specialty Waste Disposal Services in 2015, with handy updated information on recycling at Holly Hill.

Recycling is easy!  This is especially true since Greenwich converted to single stream recycling (known as SSR) in August 2011.  In the first year since the conversion to SSR Greenwich residents recycled 73.2% more materials than they did in the previous year and saved over $1.5 million dollars through avoided trash disposal costs, contract cost reductions and revenue from the marketing of our recyclable materials.   Avoided trash disposal costs are those costs incurred when materials that would have been thrown away in the past as trash are now recycled.  Contract cost reductions of almost $900,000 came with the elimination of the blue bin collection contract.

Congratulations residents and businesses!  In FY 2011-2012, Greenwich residents and businesses recycled a total of 13,567 tons of SSR materials.  Greenwich received $17.50 for each ton of recyclables transported through the Holly Hill Facility.  Your participation in the SSR program has made it one of the best in the State per capita.

Recycling is second nature to most Greenwich residents that have been recycling well before the sate made recycling mandatory as a State Law in 1991. 

SSR has become what we have always wanted recycling to be: one collection/location where we can place almost all of our household recyclable materials.  With advances in sorting technology, new markets for the many new recyclable materials, and residents /businesses dedicated to recycling, the SSR program takes more materials than any other SSR program in the State.

To learn what materials are collected as single stream recycling, see the List of Recyclables.  To learn more details about how to recycle see Single Stream Q & A.   For even more details, see our Single Stream Recycling Fine Tuning SSR’ brochure.


Some items just can’t go into your single stream recycling collection container at your home.  Size, material type, or other restrictions may prevent recycling of some items that ‘are recyclable’ with your single stream collection.  Oversized items are those recyclable items that will not fit easily into your single stream recycling collection container.  There are dedicated collection areas to recycle these items at the Holly Hill Facility. BRING THESE ITEMS DIRECTLY TO THE HOLLY HILL FACILITY


  • OVERSIZED plastics (e.g. rigid plastic chair, rigid plastic kids slide from a swing set, rigid plastic sled, etc.)
  • Electronics
  • OVERSIZED scrap metal (e.g. a car part- too large to fit in your recycling receptacle)
  • Waste Motor Oil
  • Waste Antifreeze 
  • NiCad (Rechargeable) batteries
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Lead-acid batteries
  • Fluorescent light bulbs


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