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Sewer Division
Sewer Improvement Projects

Grass Island WWTP - Plant Process Improvements - Pump Upgrades and Aeration System Upgrades
Two projects have just been completed at the Grass Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. The first project involved replacing equipment which had reached the end of its useful service life. The project included the replacement of the Final Effluent Pumps, the Return Activated Sludge Pumps and the Waste Activated Sludge Pumps, complete with controls, pumps, and motors. As a result of the project, the plant has more reliable pumps and controls. As the Town recently completed construction upgrades on the Influent portion of the plant, this project will focus on equipment on the Effluent portion of the plant. The project was completed in 2013 and won the ACEC Platinum Award in 2014.

The second project involved replacing the existing old blowers with new properly sized (smaller) blowers; associated controls and misc. structural repairs of the existing concrete aeration tanks. Existing equipment operates in a 24/7 environment and reached the end of its useful service life. The old blowers were oversized and resulted in increased electrical costs. This project replaced these outdated blowers with adequately sized (smaller) more efficient blowers and associated controls. This project is consistent with the prevalent "green" thinking that is occurring within the industry, and could result in lower energy costs, from appropriately sized (smaller) blowers; investigation of VFDs; lower horsepower, etc. The project received a CL&P energy rebate in the amount of $377,475.

Pump Station Rehabilitation - Ballwood; Huested; Meadow; Chapel Lane; Cos Cob; Old Greenwich & South Water
As part of its ongoing capital improvement projects to maintain collection system infrastructure, three wastewater pump stations will be undergoing major upgrades to continue providing reliable service to our customers. These upgrades will bring the Ballwood; Huested and Meadow pumping stations up to current standards and replace equipment / infrastructure which has exceeded its useful service life. This will consist of rehabilitation of existing assets (Sewer Pumping Stations) some of which were originally constructed in 1928 with equipment that dates back to 1980's. These three stations will also be significantly raised in elevation to keep equipment safe and out of the flood zone as a result of the new FEMA regulations. These stations will have new wet wells, pumps, and related control equipment, in addition to new roofs and building improvements. This work should help keep these stations operable for many years to come. This project is currently under design and we anticipate bidding in 2015

Old Greenwich Force Main (Cos Cob to Sachem Road Segment)

In 2013, the Town completed a new segment of the Old Greenwich Common Force Main (OGCFM) and placed this new segment into service approximately 6-months ahead of the Consent Decree deadline.  This project replaced the existing 24-inch diameter force main that had experienced breaks in the past and is part of the ongoing Consent Decree from the USEPA and CTDEEP. This provides a new critical piece of infrastructure that will provide many years of service.  Additional segments of this force main will be worked on separately over the course of the next several years.

Old Greenwich Common Force Main – Segment 9A – (Under Indian Field Road and a Portion of the CTDOT R.O.W. between I95 and Metro-North Railroad).  The Town completed design and recently bid the next segment of OGCFM replacement.  This will include: 

  • Installation of approximately 140 linear feet of 48-inch diameter steel casing pipe by jacking methods under Indian Field Road.
  • Installation of approximately 1,300 feet of 24-inch diameter ductile iron pipe, including cathodic protection

Construction is scheduled to commence in Late Spring 2015.

Private Inflow Source Removal and Smoke Testing Programs
For more information about the Private Inflow Source Removal Program or the Smoke Testing Program, please call our Private Inflow Program Coordinator, at 622-2285. For calls about dye testing appointments, please call CDM at 1-877-402-6847. Please be patient; staff tries to return calls as quickly as possible!

Sewer Division - All Programs
For all programs and other Sewer Division questions, you are welcome to contact the Sewer Division directly.

Wastewater Division Manager
Department of Public Works
Email: Sewer Division

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