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Private Inflow Source Removal Program
How To Comply
  How To Comply

If you have received one of the following letters, please click on the link to see the steps you can take to comply with the program:

Confirmed Illegal Connection
If you have a confirmed illegal connection, you must modify the plumbing on your property to redirect your inflow source to an appropriate location. Please note: your new chosen drainage location should not create a nuisance condition for your neighbors or in a public right of way. Please consider this when developing your discharge strategy.

Owners who have been identified as having an illegal connections will be receiving a letter. The Town has hired an inflow removal Program Coordinator (PC) to assist property owners with compliance issues. The contact phone number for the PC is 203-622-2285. Please note that more than 400 illegal connections have been identified to date and more are expected as the inspection process proceeds. To keep the number of people requesting permit approvals and related project inspections to a manageable level Notice of Confirmed Illegal Connection letters are being sent to property owners in batches with approximately 30 being sent every month rather then sending all at once. Batch mailings are grouped by neighborhood to facilitate the permitting and inspection processes.

The following outlines the basic steps in the process.

  1. Determine how you will be removing your inflow source from the sanitary sewer. Revisions must meet the Engineering Division's Town Stormwater Drainage Manual.
  2. Obtain a plumbing permit. Connecticut Building Code requires a property owner to have any plumbing modifications inspected. Plumbing permits must be obtained at Town Hall.
  3. If you are connecting to the storm drain system, you will also be required to obtain a Highway Permit from the Highway Division and approval from the Engineering Division. This permit will allow you to open the road and connect to the storm drain system.
  4. Upon receipt of all permits, the work may be performed.
  5. Obtain final plumbing inspection. This inspection will also serve to document that you have successfully removed your inflow source from the sanitary sewers.

Flexible Connection
If you received a letter noting you had a flexible connection on your sump pump discharge, you are required to replace this with a hard piped connection. Please follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a plumbing permit. Connecticut Building Code requires a property owner to have any plumbing modifications inspected. Plumbing permits must be obtained at Town Hall.

Suspected Connection
Your property may have a suspected connection as a result of the preliminary investigations performed during our field work. To get the final answer, we are requesting that you:

  1. Schedule an inspection (see below)

Request for Inspection Access:
Suspected Connections or Initial Appointments

  1. We are now in our second round of scheduling with residents. We have also identified properties with suspected connections that must schedule inspections to confirm or negate the connection.
  2. Please call 1-877-402-6847 to schedule an appointment. CDMSmith, the Town's consultants on this project will take your call and schedule one of their inspectors.
  3. Based on the results of the inspection, you will either need to proceed no further or you will be directed to remove a confirmed inflow source.
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