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Sound Beach Avenue Bridge and Intersection Improvements Information (Town Project #12-17)

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Contact: Frank W.  Petise, Senior Civil Engineer
              DPW-Engineering Division

E-Mail:    frank.petise@greenwichct.org

Phone:   203-622-7860


NOTE: A public information meeting will be in September 2017.

The Sound Beach Avenue bridge was built in 1925 and rehabilitated in 1977.  In a 2012 bridge inspection, the structure received a rating of 4 of 10 (poor).  The Town began to gather preliminary information and seek funding for the bridge replacement.  At that time, it was determined the project limits should be extended to address long standing traffic concerns in the vicinity of the bridge, primarily the traffic circle at Sound Beach Ave., Harding Rd, and Laddins Rock Rd.  A proper roundabout is being designed in front of Perrot Library.  Additional review of crash history data during the design process has expanded the scope of the project to include reviewing the intersection of Sound Beach Avenue and Forest Ave.  Current design shows the removal of the island at Sound Beach Ave. and Forest Ave. and conversion to a “T” intersection, in order to reduce the risk of crashes.  Finally, based on recommendations from the Town’s Flood and Erosion Control Board and input from Emergency Services organizations at a meeting held in November 2016, there is a high priority to alleviate flooding issues on Sound Beach Avenue that prohibit emergency vehicles from passing the traffic circle near the library during large storm events.

Public Information Meeting #1 
On November 21, 2013, the Town of Greenwich held a public information meeting to introduce the project to the public. The Town presented the bridge replacement along with the concept of a roundabout at Sound Beach Avenue, Laddins Rock Road, and Harding Road. Also discussed were the road closure and detour options.

Public Information Meeting #2 
On May 18, 2017, the Town of Greenwich, Weston & Sampson (Lead Design Engineer), and TranSystems (Traffic Analysis) held a public information meeting to present the 30% Preliminary Design to the Public.  The Town presented the bridge replacement, a roundabout at the Perrot Library, a “T” intersection to improve traffic safety at Forest Avenue, and a road raising of Sound Beach Avenue to allow for emergency vehicles to pass during large storm events. A copy of the presentation with notes is posted below.  The purpose of this meeting was to obtain input from the citizens of Greenwich, no final decisions have been made concerning the design.  An additional Public Information Meeting will be held in September 2017. 

(You will need Acrobat Reader software to obtain forms online. If you don't have it, you can download it for free by clicking here.)


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