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Certificates of Occupancy
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

A temporary certificate of occupancy may be issued when a portion of a project is complete but the entire job is not. A temporary certificate allows legal occupancy of only that area that is stated on the T.C.O. To obtain a T.C.O., the owner or the permittee is required to complete an application form requesting the T.C.O. On this form you are required to state the area(s) that will be included in the T.C.O. You are also required to state the approximate time it will take to complete the remaining portions of the project.

Only the owner or permittee can request a T.C.O according to Section 110.3 of the CT State Building Code.

What are the minimum requirements that make a portion of the project eligible for a T.C.O?
Section 110.3 of the CT State Building Code states that the portions of the project can be occupied "provided that such portion or portions shall be occupied safely prior to full completion of the structure without endangering life or public welfare." This means that all safety items or elements of the area to be occupied shall be completed. This includes all stairs, handrails, guardrails, floor surfaces, alarm systems, smoke detectors, safety glazing, etc. Also, all electrical work shall be completed to the point were required elements are completed and all non-required elements are made safe (no exposed wiring). Hot water shall be provided. From October through April the heating system shall be operational. Dwelling units shall contain a minimum of a completed kitchen, living and sleeping areas and one fully functioning compliant bathroom with a lavatory, water closet and bathing facilities.

The Division of Building Inspection will issue a T.C.O after all the following have been completed and "signed off":

Field inspections: All projects require final inspections for building, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. It is the permittee or owner's responsibility to request each of these inspections. This can be done using the Inspection Request Line (622-7772)

Permit conditions: Permit conditions are checked by office staff for compliance. Any condition that affects safety in the area to be occupied shall be complied with prior to issuance of the T.C.O.

Zoning compliance: All T.C.O.'s require zoning approval. Written certification of zoning compliance shall be obtained from the Zoning Enforcement Officer, Planning and Zoning Office, and shall be submitted to the Division of Building Inspection by the permit holder.

Agency approvals: Check with the Division of Building Inspection staff to see if any of the following Town agency approvals are required. It is the permittee or owner's responsibility to obtain these approvals from these agencies.

Greenwich Fire Marshal: 622-3950
This office has fire inspectors that will inspect the work done under the permit. You are responsible for scheduling this inspection directly with the Fire Marshal's office. When this inspection has been made and approved, the Fire Inspector will notify the Division of Buildings directly, usually by email. This approval does not apply to one and two family dwellings.

DPW, Sewer Division: 622-7760
New buildings that are connected to the Town sewer system require an inspection of the sewer connection by the Sewer Division of the DPW. You are responsible for arranging for these inspections with the Sewer Division prior to backfilling. After inspection, you will be issued a Notice of Sewer Connection (Sewer Final). You must submit this notice to the Building Inspection Division before a T.C.O. can be issued.

DPW, Engineering Division: 622-7767
P&Z conditions often require approval from the Engineering Division prior to T.C.O. If Engineering approval is required, you are responsible for arranging the inspection and providing the Engineering Division with any information they need. After inspection, the Engineering Office will send a memo to the Division of Building Inspection stating they have no objections to the issuance of a T.C.O.

Health Department,
Division of Environmental Health: 622-7838

All buildings that involve any of the following will require approval from this Division prior to the issuance of a T.C.O.:
    Serving or preparation of food for the public
    Buildings that discharge into a private septic system
    Buildings that are supplied with water from a well
    Irrigation wells
    Child care facilities
    Cosmetology facilities (nail/beauty salons, etc.)
    Variety/food stores (including mini-marts)
    Public pools (including private clubs)
This Division will issue a memo to the Division of Building Inspection stating their approval. It is the responsibility of the permittee to obtain all inspections and approvals from this Division.

Instructions for filling out the application:
Type in the information online, print, then sign - signature is required. The application can then be faxed (203-622-7848) or delivered to the Building Inspection Division, Town Hall, 2nd floor.

Application for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

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