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Building & Trade Permits
The Responsibility of the Permittee

The Division of Building Inspection is responsible for administering the CSBC (CT State Building Code) for the Town of Greenwich. This includes assisting architects, professional engineers, contractors and homeowners in interpreting and complying with the Code. The legal responsibility for compliance with the all code requirements falls on the permittee whose name and signature appears on the building permit application. Acceptance of this responsibility requires this person to have adequate knowledge in the construction field and the ability to supervise the proposed work for a specific building permit.

Most construction projects require continuous or part-time supervision (depending upon the size of the project) by a person experienced in construction to oversee the work. Not only does this person check for code compliance (which is the minimum standard for safety) but also for the hundreds of other details that must be worked out with the trade mechanics to insure a complete, functional and well coordinated project. Please note that members of the Division of Building Inspection are not responsible for and shall not be expected to perform any supervision of a project. The Field Inspector's duty is to inspect the work performed by the permittee (including trades) for code compliance only, and does not include any on-site supervision or coordination of work.

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