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Marine Operations Section


The Marine Section provides law enforcement, emergency medical services, Homeland Security High Value Asset protection and general assistance to boaters within Town and regional waters.

The Town of Greenwich is bordered by 31 miles of coastline and contains approximately 25 square miles of open water within the Long Island Sound.

The Marine Section is staffed on a year-round basis and supervised by One Sergeant with One Marine Technician and five full-time Marine Officers, all of whom are under the overall command of the Operations Captain.

The Marine Section Fleet consists of THREE primary patrol vessels: 


PB #139: A regional Homeland Security Vessel was built by North River Boats of Roseburg, Oregon and was placed into service in May of 2013. PB #139 is a 39ft aluminum hulled jet driven vessel with a 12ft beam and hybrid foam collar. The vessel is powered by twin 550HP John Deere Turbo Diesel engines coupled to Hamilton Jet Drives. The vessel is equipped with state of the art navigational equipment, Side-Scan SONAR, FLIR, RADAR, CBRNE Detection, 1,000lb Lift Crane and has firefighting capabilities.

PB #124: Built by Hike Metal Products & Shipbuilding Limited of Wheatley Ontario, Canada was placed into service in September of 2002. PB #124 is a 34ft aluminum hulled jet driven vessel with a 12ft beam. The vessel is powered by twin Cummins 480HP Turbo Diesel engines coupled to Hamilton Jet Drives. The vessel is equipped with state of the art navigational equipment, Side-Scan SONAR, FLIR, RADAR and has a 1,000lb Lift Crane.

            PB #125: Built by North River Boats of Roseburg, Oregon was placed into service in October of 2009. PB #125 is a 31ft aluminum hulled vessel with a 10ft beam and hybrid foam collar. The vessel is powered by twin 300HP Yamaha outboard engines. The vessel is equipped with state of the art navigational equipment, RADAR and FLIR. 


All three vessels are equipped for all weather operations, search & rescue and EMS/patient transportation. The vessels are also designed to accommodate the department’s divers during dive operations.

The Greenwich Police Department is recognized by the State Office of Emergency Medical Services as a First Responder. As such, all of our Marine Officers are certified Emergency Medical Technicians. All three vessels carry a full array of equipment designed to provide emergency medical care to the injured. In addition, the Marine Section is the only marine unit on the Long Island Sound to run a Paramedic Ride-a-Long Program. In cooperation with Greenwich Emergency Medical Services (GEMS), paramedics ride along with the Marine Section on the weekends, holidays and special events during the Town’s boating season. 

Police Dive Team:

The Greenwich Police Department Dive Team was formed in 1959 by then Chief David Robbins. It is the oldest police dive team in the State of Connecticut. The team consists of 12 members highly trained to serve the Town of Greenwich and other emergency services in any operation that requires specialized training and certification in SCUBA for underwater Criminal Investigations, Search & Rescue, Body & Evidence Recovery, Surface & Overhead Ice Rescue/Recovery, Vessel Hull Inspections and Homeland Security High Value Asset Inspections.

Dive Team

Divers are equipped with state of the art individual dive equipment specifically designed for Public Safety Diving which includes: dry suits, full facemask, and advanced underwater communications. All of this equipment allows for all year diving in the Long Island Sound and inland waters.

The Dive Team is equipped with a FEMA Grant Funded 24ft Regional Dive Operations Trailer utilized for equipment storage, transport and diver donning & doffing. The trailer is also designed as a Dive Command Post with radio & diver communications, observation deck, SCUBA air fill station and HAZMAT decontamination. The trailer is deployable within Town and the region upon request.

The Dive Team is also equipped with FEMA Grant Funded Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) that has SONAR, HD Video, Grabber Arm & Cutting Tools. The ROV can be deployed to depths of 1,000ft. The ROV is available within Town and the region upon request.

In addition, the Dive Team also has several other pieces of advanced equipment at their disposal that includes: 1,000lb lift bags for vehicle and vessel recoveries, metal detectors, and digital underwater still and video cameras.


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