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Identity Theft

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Identity Theft / Fraud Packet

Last year, nearly 10 million people in the U.S. were victims of identity theft.  Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information and uses it, without your permission, to obtain money, employment, credit, property, goods or services.  Personal information can include your name, address, birth date, social security number, mother’s maiden name, bank account number, medical records, driver’s license number, and any other “identifying” data.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country and, unfortunately, anyone can become a victim of this type of fraud.  If you live in Greenwich and believe you are the victim of identity theft, or if Greenwich is where the identity theft occurred, you should report the incident to the Greenwich Police Department.  You will receive a case number, which may be required by financial institutions, creditors, credit agencies, and others to help ensure that you are not responsible for debts the identity thief incurs using your personal information.

This packet contains information that will help you understand your rights and take steps to correct fraudulent information.  If you want your case investigated and are willing to appear and testify in court if suspects are identified and arrested, please complete the forms within this packet that are relevant to your case.

We recognize that some victims of identity theft are only interested in correcting their credit and/or fraudulent accounts and do not wish to prosecute.  In other cases, it is difficult to identify or find enough evidence to prosecute a known suspect for the identity theft.  Even without prosecution, you can still correct fraudulent accounts and protect your credit.  Materials in this Identity Theft Packet will help you get started.  Included are:
  • Links to available resources to help victims of identity theft.
  • An Identity Theft/Fraud Report for documenting information relevant to the theft.
  • A voluntary statement to help the Greenwich Police Department assess and ensure proper handling of your case.
  • An optional reporting form and a consent agreement required by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) to be used only if you wish to have your case on file in the national identity theft database.  Law enforcement officers routinely query this database to flag stolen identities and identify persons they encounter who may be using false identities.   If you elect to have your profile added to the NCIC Identity Theft file, you will be given a password that will identify you as the victim with each encounter you may have with law enforcement officers, including traffic stops.
Some of the forms included in this Identity Theft/Fraud Packet may not be needed for your situation.  Please review the enclosed materials and complete only those forms relevant to your case.  Please hand deliver your completed packet, along with any supporting documentation you have gathered, to the Desk Sergeant at the Reception window in the Greenwich Police Department lobby.  You can also call the Greenwich Police Department non-emergency line (203-622-8003) and ask to have a patrol officer dispatched to your Greenwich residence to collect information.  Once we have your Victim’s Packet, an investigator may follow up with you in order to obtain additional information.

Identity Theft / Fraud Packet Documents & Forms

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