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Planning and Zoning
Plan of Conservation & Development (POCD)

Resolution Adopted on May 12, 2009

At the 5/12/2009 RTM meeting, the Planning and Zoning Commission adopted the following resolution: 

Whereas in compliance with Section 92 of the Town Charter the Planning and Zoning Commission has prepared and adopted a plan for the development of the Town, known as the 2009 Plan of Conservation and Development based on studies of physical, social, economic, and governmental conditions and trends, and is designed to promote the development of the Town and the general welfare and prosperity of its people, and the present 1998 Plan of Conservation and Development does not represent current issues and conditions and needed to be updated; and 

Whereas the Southwestern Regional Planning Agency has reviewed the plan, and has commented in a memo dated February 3, 2009 that the Greenwich POCD is not inconsistent with the 2006 SWRPA Regional Plan of Conservation and Development; and 

Whereas since beginning the POCD updating process in September 2007 the Commission held a total of 23 public meetings prior to this final draft plan so as to include as wide a public input as possible, both by neighborhood and by topics of interest; and these meetings were well attended and comments and issues heard at these meetings have been included in the record and addressed as appropriate in this May 2009 Plan of Conservation and Development; and 

Whereas the Commission has met with the Selectmen, BET and many Department Heads after the July 2008 draft was distributed to the public and received their comments and suggestions and the May 6, 2009 POCD reflects their input and their specific comments are included in Explanatory Materials; and 

Whereas there have been several draft plans, which were published twice in the Greenwich Time newspaper as a supplement, which has a daily distribution of at least 15,000 households; and 

Whereas this final draft plan May 6, 2009 has been on the Town’s website and published in black and white free for the public for their review and comments and verbal and written comments have been received by the Commission at the April 6th and May 6, 2009 public hearings from the public, community groups and town agencies and boards, and were incorporated in this final draft plan as deemed appropriate; and 

Whereas the May 6, 2009 POCD calls for a Plan Implementation Committee to be chaired by the First Selectman and to be created within 90 days of the RTM adoption of this plan and this committee will prioritize and create time lines on these action items in cooperation with those various departments and agencies who have specific responsibilities and actions shown in the Implementation Plan Summary; and 

Whereas in compliance with Section 95 of the Town Charter, the Commission, prior to adoption of this May 2009 Plan, filed a copy of this draft plan in the Town Clerk's office and held a public hearings on April 6th and May 6, 2009 after required public notice. 

Therefore Be It Resolved that the 2009 Plan of Conservation and Development dated May 6, 2009 in the form filed with the Office of the Town Clerk and presented at this Planning and Zoning Public Hearing is hereby adopted with clarifications and corrections of errors and omissions, and a copy thereof shall be certified to the Representative Town Meeting for its approval in compliance with Section 96 of the Town Charter. 

Be It Further Resolved that the following plans, amendments to earlier Town plans adopted by the Commission and approved by the RTM, are incorporated into the 2009 Plan of Conservation and Development by reference:

  1. Planned Housing Design, designation on the Post Road from the Mianus River, east to the Stamford border, and from Edgewood Drive west to the New York border, an amendment to the 1964 Land Use Map and Plan.
  2. Open Space Plan of 2002, an amendment to the 1998 Plan of Conservation and development.
  3. Grass Island Master Plan of 1990, incorporated in the 1998 POCD.
  4. Sewer Boundary Map of 2000 (areas to be sewered) an amendment to the 1998 Plan of Conservation and Development.
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