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Planning and Zoning
Green Space Regulations


Disclaimer and explanation

  1. The Town expressly disclaims any liability that may result from the use of this Table, dated 3/2/12, showing approximate percentages of green area as defined in Section 6-5(a)(37) of the Town Of Greenwich Building Zone Regulations. The Town GIS is Copyrighted © 2005 by the Town of Greenwich.
  2. A class A-2 Zoning Location Survey is needed in order to accurately determine the size and percent of green area on a property. The percent of green area shown in the Table dated 3/2/12 is approximate only.
  3. For further guidance, a Green Area Atlas is on file in the Zoning Permit Office and the Planning and Zoning Office on the second floor of Town Hall. The Atlas graphically depicts the percentages contained in the Table for each property. These graphics will help you assess what was and was not included in the calculation of green area on each property.
  4. The source of all data found in the table dated 3/2/12 is the Town of Greenwich Geographic Information System (GIS) property layer dated 2009 and the planametic layers dated 2008 including buildings, driveways, and sports layer (pools, tennis courts etc). The property layer displayed in the Atlas is dated 2012. A class A-2 Zoning Location Survey is needed to determine the exact size of your property. The Official Zoning Map is on file in the Planning and Zoning Office and is the only source that should be used to determine the zone of a property.
  5. The Table includes all properties in the RA-4, RA-2, RA-1, R-20, R-12, R-7 and R-6 (one and two-family only) zones regardless of use.
  6. To determine the approximate percent of green area on each property, the buildings, driveways, and sporting facilities were subtracted from the lot area. The Zoning Lot Area, as defined in Section 6-5(57) of the Building Zone Regulations was not calculated for each property. Therefore, access ways for rear lots were not removed from the analysis as an example.
  7. Effective March 2, 2012, Section 6-5(a)(37) Green Area Requirement shall mean the required percentage of a residentially zoned property as noted under Section 6-205 that is naturally occurring such as a wooded area, a rock outcrop, or grassed, manicured or landscaped areas. The following is permitted within the Green Area Requirement subject to the restrictions of Section 6-128 regarding encroachments into yards: Synthetic turf playing fields for school or municipal uses only, rain gardens, patios, decks, small scale garden paths (stepping stones), and walkways less than 5’ wide, mechanical equipment and mechanical equipment pads, septic systems and underground drainage systems with the purpose of retention, infiltration or water quality treatment. Any underground structure or impermeable surface that is covered by at least 3 feet of friable fill is permitted in the Green Area Requirement.

The following is not permitted within the Green Area Requirement: Surface development on a site or lot occupied by buildings, structures, parking areas, driveways, tennis courts, porches, swimming pools and pool coping, and patios and/or decks that are in some way covered by a second floor or roof, porous asphalt, porous concrete, permeable inter-locking concrete pavers, concrete grid pavers, plastic turf reinforcing grids and similar man-made materials and products. Any underground structure or impermeable surface that is covered by less than 3 feet of friable fill shall not be permitted in the Green Area Requirement.

A class A-2 Zoning Location Survey or Improvement Location Survey is required to demonstrate compliance with this Section. A class T-2 Topographic Survey is also required to demonstrate compliance in those instances where an underground structure is involved.


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