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Boating and Marinas

Greenwich has some of the best boating waters on Long Island Sound. The Town Boating Program is in place to provide residents with affordable marine facilities which enable them to take advantage of the recreational pleasures of boating.

There are three marinas and one boat yard with landing floats available to Greenwich residents.  They are all open April 15 through November 15 each year. Winter storage is available at all 3 marinas and the boat yard from September 1 - June 15.

We provide a host of services which meet the active boater’s needs for vessels up to 36’ LOA.  These services include; access to launching ramps, year round storage of kayaks and canoes, winter storage, summer trailer storage, landing floats, pump out facilities, access to fresh water, slips, end of season bottom power washing and dry sailing. There is no summer land storage for vessels. All vessels (except vessels on racks and vessels engaged in dry sailing) must be removed by June 15 of each year to avoid fines.  Please be advised that some services have wait lists.

What do I need to use a marina or boat yard?
You must obtain a Facilities Use Permit at the Town Hall Department of Parks and Recreation Marine counter, please bring the required proof of Greenwich Residency with you. A CT State Registration is required for all vessels greater than 19 ft. as well as proof of insurance with a minimum liability coverage of $300,000. Proof of ownership is required for all vessels under 19 ft.

Byram Marina (Located in Byram Park just south of exit 2 of I-95 on Ritch Avenue)
The Byram Marina has approximately 170 slips for vessels up to 22’ or 23' depending on the slip; with beams up to 8.5’. There is a landing dock with fresh water and electricity, time limits are posted and enforced.  There is limited year-round rack storage for kayaks and canoes.  Dry winter storage is also available.  The Byram Dockmaster’s office can be reached at (203) 532-9019 or by cell at (203) 898-5583.  Click here to contact the Byram Dockmaster.

Cos Cob Marina (Located at 94 Strickland Road just south of the I-95 overpass)
The Cos Cob Marina has approximately 200 slips for vessels up to 22’ or 24' depending on the slip, with beams up to 8.5’. There is also limited year-round rack storage for kayaks and canoes. Dry winter storage is also available. The Dockmaster’s office can be reached at (203) 618-9698 or by cell at (203) 898-5795. Click here to contact the Cos Cob Dockmaster.

Grass Island Marina (Located off Shore Road in central Greenwich just south of I-95)
The Grass Island Marina has approximately 150 slips that can accommodate vessels up to 22’, with beams up to 8.5’. In addition, there are a limited number of slips that accommodate boats up to 36’. There is a transient dock with water and electricity, as well as a landing float with freshwater and a pump out station.  Time limits are posted and enforced. There is also limited year- round rack storage for kayaks and canoes.  Dry winter storage is also available.  The Grass Island Dockmaster can be reached at (203)496-1255. Click here to contact the Grass Island Dockmaster.

Greenwich Point Boat Yard (Located in Greenwich Point Park in Old Greenwich)
Greenwich Point Boat Yard has landing floats with freshwater and electrical access, time limits are posted and enforced. There is year-round rack storage for about 250 canoes, kayaks, and other small vessels.  Dry winter storage is also available. The Greenwich Point Dockmaster’s office can be reached at (203) 698-7792, or by cell at (203)898-5817.  Please note that cell service is poor at Greenwich Point.  Click here to contact the Greenwich Point Dockmaster.

Click here to contact the Operations Manager, Boats and Harbors.

Launching ramps are located at all marine locations. Use of a launching ramp requires a vessel have a Faculties Use Permit.  Ramps can be slippery at times and may have marine growth on them.

How to sign up for a Marina Slip reservation or get a Facility Use Permit

1. Facilities are available to all Greenwich residents.  Proof of residency is required, please be aware that there are waiting list for some facilities.  Seasonal slip reservations and winter storage are not guaranteed unless the annual renewal and payment is received by the deadline.  Failure to renew/pay on–time will result in late fees, and may jeopardize the reservation, which will be given to the next resident on the waiting list.


Any two of the following is needed for proof of residency:

·         Driver’s License

·         Credit card bill

·         Utility bill

·         Cable TV bill

·         Lease


2. Visit the Town Hall Parks and Recreation Office:

  • Bring proof of residency (above) and an accurate description of your vessel; LOA which includes outboard brackets and pulpit, along with the vessels beam.
  • Bring a copy of your vessel registration (if required by the state).
  • We will put you on the appropriate waiting list based on your preferred marina and the size of your vessel.
  • When space becomes available, a Dockmaster will contact you.
  • Once you are assigned a slip, you must pay for the slip in full at the Town Hall Parks and Recreation Office.

Boating and Marine Fees
Click here for boating and marina fees

Visitors and Transients
Our Grass Island Marina in Greenwich Harbor has tie-up space for visitors and transients. There is no fee for the first 2 hours.  Fees apply after two hours or overnight, fees are based upon vessel size. Call the boating office at Town Hall, (203) 618-7651 or the Grass Island Dockmaster at (203) 618-9695 or (203) 496-1255 for further information or a reservation which is suggested.

Winter Storage

Please contact the Dockmaster at the location you are interested in storing your vessel.  You must have a current Facility Use Permit for each vessel to be stored.  Preference will be given to returning residents.  Payment is required prior to haul out, please contact the Dockmaster for winter storage requirements.


Any service performed on a vessel by a contractor on Town of Greenwich Property (including floats and docks) must be performed by the owner of the vessel or a permitted Vendor.  Vendor permits are available for $25.00 for any vendor who provides proof of insurance at the required levels the Town requires.  Click here for Marine Vendor information.  Residents using non-approved vendors are subject to a $100.00 fine and loss of their Facility Use Permit.


If you are interested in a mooring permit for a location within the Town of Greenwich, or you need to renew a current mooring permit, Click here for the Greenwich Harbor Commission. 

Click here for the State of Connecticut Harbormaster for the Town of Greenwich or he can be reached at imacmillan@mindspring.com, or (203) 536-4578.

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