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Town of Greenwich GIS Data Layers

The town has 3 categories of data that can be extracted from the GIS database. Parcel data includes the tax ID number which links to the Assessor database - which has descriptions of each parcel. Below is a list of all user accessible layers. All data is in ESRI ArcSDE Geodatabase (.mdb) format. Data is projected in CT State Plane Feet, NAD83, NAVD88. Included on the CD is the database dictionary, GreenwichDBD.xls. 

GIS Data Download

NOTE: The following layers have been redacted (removed) from the GIS database, for distribution purposes, per the decision of the Commissioner of Public Works for the State of Connecticut:

DRY_HYDRANTS: Dry hydrants
GPS_HYDRANTS: Fixed fire hydrants
SANITARY_SEWER: Sanitary sewer manholes, lines
STORM_SEWER: Storm drains, manholes, lines
UTIL: Catch basins, manholes, utility poles.

Software Required: ArcView GIS v8 or higher.

Total disk space required (Planimetric and compressed Orthophotography): ~4GB.

For questions or problems regarding these files, please contact:
Greg Sullivan, GIS Coordinator
Town of Greenwich IT Department

1. Ortho photos. The town has .25 foot resolution 2003 aerial photos. The ortho image is Town-wide, available in MrSID format.

2. Planimetric data. These are the various man made features, which have been digitized from the aerial photos - or from site plans.
a. BOUNDARY - Town boundary lines.
b. BUILDING - Residential, commercial, industrial, public buildings, garages, water towers, other structures, buildings under construction, foundations.
c. CLINE - Street centerline, alley centerlines, ramp centerlines, hidden centerlines.
d. CONTOUR - 2-foot interval contour lines.
e. CULT - Landfills, Cemeteries, areas under construction, foundations ruins.
f. EASEMENT - primarily private road, ingress/egress easements. Also shows railroad, utility, water easements.
g. HYDRO - hydrography polygons such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs, saltwater polygons, storm water retention ponds.
h. HYDROL - hydrography lines: streams, rivers etc.
i. HYDROSTRUCT - Boat ramps, piers, docks, bulkheads.
j. NATURE - Wooded areas, meadows, and fields.
k. OBSCURED - obscured areas: shows area not fully visible to photo interpretation - useful as an "error flag" only.
l. RAIL - railroads.
m. REC - swimming pools, golf courses, athletic fields, baseball diamonds and tennis courts.
n. ROADS - lines and polygons showing paved roads, parking lots, unpaved roads, curbs.
o. SEWALL_WET - indicating wetland boundaries. Created in 2000 through interpretation of 1000-scale color infrared photography.
p. SPOT - spot elevations, bridge elevations, water elevations.
q. TRANS - sidewalks and driveways.
r. UTIL - point utility features. Traffic signals, light poles, trees, parking meters.
s. WALLS - fences and walls.
t. Assem_dist - 2001 CT Assembly Districts.
u. Cline_pms - Centerlines coded for Town Pavement Management System.
v. Flood_zones - 100- and 500-year FEMA flood zones, effective July 8, 2013.
w. Golf - Golf courses.
x. Open_space - Open space properties.
y. Rtm_dist - Representative Town Meeting districts.
z. Town_bldg - Town of Greenwich government buildings.
aa. Town_facs - Town of Greenwich government facilities.
ab. Wetlands - IWWA generalized wetlands.
ac. Zipcodes - Greenwich zipcodes.
ad. Zoning - Properties coded with P&Z Zoning classification.
ae. Paved_surfaces - Roads, Parking, Bridges, Overpasses.
af. DEM - Town-wide digital elevation model. NOTE: requires VRML viewer.
ag. Street signs – GPS-located Town street signs.
ah. Survey monuments – Field survey point locations

3. Parcel data. Updated quarterly for spatial, monthly for attribute changes in GIS, from Assessor's Department Grand List updates.
a. Property[YEAR*] - Parcel boundaries (*current up to annual Assessor's Grand List updates, filed in October of "YEAR").
b. Assessor database - info on all property polygons.
c. Condo table - includes info on all condos and links back to the single parcel polygon.

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