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Peter-Tesei-124w-2013.jpgFirst Selectman

First Selectman: Peter Tesei
Telephone: (203) 622-7710
Fax: (203) 622-3793
Location: Town Hall, First Floor
Office Hours: Mon.-Fri 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results
Earlier this year, the Town contracted with the University of Connecticut, Department of Public Policy to help evaluate resident satisfaction by means of a telephone survey. These are the results. ... Read more
Merritt Parkway Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study
Merritt Parkway Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study
A public hearing was held on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. Residents, commuters, business owners and other interested individuals are encouraged to print the Comment Form, then mail to Timothy Wilson, Manager of Highway Design, Connecticut Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 317546, Newington, CT 06131-7546 

Neighborhood Assistance Act Program Application
Nonprofit agencies/organizations in Town interested in participating in the 2014 Neighborhood Assistance Act (NAA) must fill out the following Program Application.  The application must be completed in full and returned to the Office of the First Selectman by April 21, 2014.
First Selectman's Budget Message Fiscal Year 2014-2015
The Recommended Budget is ready for review. Residents are encouraged to attend BET Budget Committee hearings this week. These are important meetings and critical decisions on the allocation of your tax dollars will be discussed. Residents will have an opportunity to speak during the March 18 meeting.
A Waterways Vision
A Waterways Vision
Click here for report.
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
The Town of Greenwich is looking to apply for a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) on behalf of its residents to combat future flooding to properties. Your property may be eligible for this grant if you seek to elevate your house, move your utilities to "a new first floor," sell your house for demolishment, or relocate your house. ... ... Read more
Selectmen’s Policy on the Leasing of Town Land
Read more.
Teen Center Joint Statement
February 27, 2013 (2:30 p.m.) A meeting was held today in the Office of the First Selectman to review the events leading up to and including the Arch Street Dance incident at the Greenwich Teen Center on February 23, 2013. ... Read more
First Selectman's Budget Message 2013-14
Read more.
First Selectman's Historical Budget Analysis
Read it here.
Watch Town Meetings Online
Watch town meetings and other local programming from the comfort of your home on Cablevision Channel 79 courtesy of Greenwich Community Television (GCTV). See monthly, live RTM meetings in addition to BET and Board of Selectmen meetings and other programming of interest to Greenwich residents. ... Read more
First Selectman Peter Tesei is pleased to issue Proclamations from the Town of Greenwich in recognition of special occasions or outstanding events ... Read more
Board of Selectmen Meeting Information
Click here for current meeting information.

The First Selectman is the full-time chief executive officer who is responsible for the administration of the following departments:

FireParks & Recreation
Human ResourcesPublic Works
Information TechnologyPurchasing & Administration
Parking ServicesLaw

According to the Charter, the First Selectman "shall have the supervision and control and shall be responsible for the administration of all the affairs of such departments..."All other departments are under the supervision of independent Boards and Commissions.

The First Selectman is responsible for labor negotiations for the entire Town (except for teachers' salaries). He or she is also an ex-officio member of all Boards and Commissions and a voting member of the Flood and Erosion Control Board.

The First Selectman appoints the Conservation Commission, the Sealer of Weights and Measures (Consumer Affairs Coordinator), the Director of Community Development, and one member of the Flood and Erosion Control Board.

Appointing Authorities Roster

Special Committees appointed by the First Selectman

Other members of the First Selectman's Office are:
Town Administrator: John Crary
Director of Labor Relations: Al Cava
Executive Assistant: Michael Rosen
Special Projects Manager: Dustin Anderson
Staff Assistant: Paula Belmont

Peter Tesei
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