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Fire Department

peter-siecienski.jpgFire Chief: Peter J. Siecienski
Telephone: (203) 622-3950
Fax: (203) 622-8062
New Office Location:
15 Havemeyer Place, Greenwich, CT 06830
Administrative Offices on the third floor.                                     
Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
To report a fire: Dial "911"

Administrative Support:
Victoria Gabriele (203) 622-3950
Debbie Wood (203) 622-3953

Knox Box Rapid Entry System
Knox Box Rapid Entry System
The Fire Dept. is presently changing from a  EAS to a Knox Box system for outside key access to buildings within the Town. Online ordering instructions
Station Locations
Click here to locate the station near you.
The mission of the Greenwich Fire Department (GFD) centers on the preservation of life and property in the Town of Greenwich against the ravages of fire. The GFD is a combination fire department that consists of 106 uniformed career and approximately 85 volunteer fire fighters who work together to accomplish this mission. 

Responding to over 4,200 emergency calls annually, the men and women of the GFD are trained and equipped to handle a wide range of threats. This all-hazard approach prepares our firefighters to many types of calls ranging from minor fire alarm to structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, and hazardous materials incidents. Fire apparatus consists of 14 Engines, three Ladders, and a Heavy Rescue. The Fire Department operates this equipment out of eight fire houses within Greenwich (and Banksville, New York).

"The only good fire is the fire that has been prevented."

Department Information
· General Information
· Station Locations
· Staff
· Fire Marshal's Office
· Volunteer Information
· Standard Operating Procedure Manual 
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