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Why Recycle and Reuse Leaves? 

Leaves are important organic matter, which contain nutrients and minerals. During the decomposition process, leaves return these valuable elements back to the soil. For many years, leaves have been collected from streets and hauled away. This approach is costly, unsustainable and wastes valuable natural resources. Read more...

What is the best way to manage leaves?

1. Reuse leaves by shredding them into the lawn when mowing.

Simply remove the bag from your mower an let the shredded grass clippings and leaves fertilize your soil. Mulching takes less time than bagging because you don't have to stop to empty the bag. Read More...

History of Greenwich's organic waste management program

Leaves: Nature’s Treasure is a new organic waste management program which keeps evolving, expanding and targeting new areas. It all started with a simple need for reducing or even eliminating leaf piles from the streets. Read More...

 Yard waste management methods


Trained Landscape Professionals 




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