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Greenwich Bag Ordinance Effective 12/12/2018

The Greenwich RTM passed the Reusable Checkout Bag Ordinance on March 12, 2018.

Though checkout bags are not banned entirely, there are certain bag restrictions that apply including bag type, thickness and material content. The ordinance applies to any person, business or non-profit entity that sells or provides merchandise, goods, food & beverages or materials operating in the Town of Greenwich.

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Images of compliant bags and bags not affected.

Business Establishments

  • Effective September 12, 2018, single-use plastic bags can no longer be used at checkouts in Greenwich for any business establishment, permanent or temporary. [link to ordinance]
  • Businesses may only dispense reusable bags or recycled paper bags at checkout. A sampling of sources can be found at https://byogreenwich.org/bag-resources 
    • “reusable” plastic bags must be 12 mil thick and durable enough for 125 uses
    • Paper bags must be made from 40% post-consumer material and no old growth fiber
  • Bag exemptions include non-checkout product bags—such as dry cleaner bags, protective garment bags, curbside newspapers, and wet or food items (e.g. flowers, produce, meat, fish, flowers, bulk foods, bread, and deli foods) 
  • Hardship deferments are available for business establishments from the Conservation Department. [need link to deferment request form]
  • General questions about the ordinance may be directed to the Conservation Department Office, bagordinance@greenwichct.org or 203-622-6461.  
  • More FAQ’s can be found at https://byogreenwich.org/home 


  • Effective September 12, 2018, businesses can no longer provide customers with single-use plastic bags at checkout.  
  • Businesses can provide you with paper bags or reusable bags.
  • Customers are highly encouraged to bring their own reusable bags for all of their shopping
  • The bag ordinance applies to all business types, including grocery, retail, take out, hardware, garden shops, temporary businesses at fairs and the like
  • Non-check out bags for loose food items such as produce, meats, deli, candy, and baked goods, dry cleaning, curbside newspaper, wet product, such as plants or flowers, and prescriptions are permitted
  • A sampling of sources for reusable bags can be found at https://byogreenwich.org/bag-resources
  • General questions about the ordinance may be directed to the Conservation Department Office, bagordinance@greenwichct.org or 203-622-6461.  
  • More FAQ’s can be found at https://byogreenwich.org/home

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