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Commissioner: Roger Bowgen
Shellfish Hotline: 203-622-7777

The UConn-Greenwich Partnership
Find out about the collaboration for integrated environmental research, education, and outreach between the University of Connecticut and the town of Greenwich. Read more.
Greenwich Conservationists Dine On Shellfish from Local Waters
Greenwich Conservationists Dine On Shellfish from Local Waters
Pollinator Potluck event serves fresh shellfish harvested from local shellfish beds in the Long Island Sound. Read more in the Greenwich Time.
Preserving the Health & Beauty of Long Island Sound
Preserving the Health & Beauty of Long Island Sound
In the UConn-Greenwich Partnership, we have forged a unique alliance of world-class biodiversity and environmental scientists from the Storrs and regional campuses to work with local communities and governmental agencies to intimately understand, monitor, and wisely manage the vital natural resources of Long Island Sound... Read more.
Connecticut Shellfish by the Numbers
Connecticut Shellfish by the Numbers
The Connecticut Shellfish Initiative is a stakeholder-based vision plan to grown and protect Connecticut's commercial, recreational and natural shellfish resources and increase public awareness of Connecticut's shellfish heritage. Read more.
Shellfish Commission Partners with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Town of Greenwich Shellfish Commission partners with NOAA to quantify the value of the ecosystem services provided by Shellfish in Greenwich waters. Read more.
Department ImageThe Town of Greenwich Shellfish Commission is appointed by the First Selectman and has principal authority and responsibility for the Town’s significant shellfish resources.

Their mandate is to manage, protect, propagate and conserve the Shellfish beds in the GHA, both recreational and commercial.

The Commission, who’s area of jurisdiction is generally coterminous with the GHA, prepares a Town shellfish management plan, promotes the enhancement of shellfish production and harvest for both recreational and commercial purposes in Greenwich waters as well as the preservation and restoration of shellfish habitat and water quality in the GHA.

Under the direction of the Bureau of Aquaculture (DABA), the Town of Greenwich Shellfish Commission performs regular monthly water sampling in Greenwich Waters to ensure they meet and comply with the State of Connecticut’s physical and chemical standards. This also requires having continuous contact with all Commercial Shellfisherman farming Greenwich waters.

Maintaining a working relationship with DEEP, the Commission is required to inspect the location of and sign off on project plans to repair or build berths, jetties, seawalls, revetments, moorings placement and Greenwich DPW drainage projects, confirming these projects will not have a negative impact on shellfish beds. 

Educationally the Commission cooperates with both NOAA and UCONN on their Ecosystem Services and environmental biology projects in Greenwich waters, holds recreational shellfishing demonstrations for the general public and schools also arranging talks on shellfishing given by Nationally recognized experts.

With authority provided by the general Statutes the Commission issues licenses for the taking of shellfish. It fixes fees for that taking, designates the quantities and size of the shellfish that can be harvested, the methods that may be used and issues Town Regulations for recreational shellfishing. Volunteer wardens patrol the recreational beds to educate and guide the general public in Shellfishing techniques and safety.

All fees collected by the Commission, for the taking of shellfish, must be used by the Commission for protecting and propagating shellfish under its control. 

Commission Member List

Shellfishing Season
Various beds are open from mid-October through May. Check the bed status to make sure the beds are open.

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