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The Board of Education is a bi-partisan board established pursuant to the authority of Sections 9-203 to 9-206a of the Connecticut General Statutes. The Board consists of eight members pursuant to a resolution of the Representative Town Meeting passed June 13, 1966 under authority of the Greenwich Home Rule Act. Each member holds office for four years. Pursuant to Section 10-219 of the Connecticut General Statutes, the Board has the power to fill any vacancy until the next regular Town election. Officers of the Board consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and a Secretary who serve for one year and are elected at the regular meeting held in November each year.

Pursuant to Sections 10-218 through 10-239 of the Connecticut General Statutes, the Board has various powers and duties and is subject to various requirements. In general, the Board has the power and duty of maintaining and improving the excellent public elementary and secondary schools, implementing the educational interests of the State, and providing such other educational activities as in its judgment will best serve the interests of the school district; has charge of the school facilities; determining the number, age and qualifications of pupils; employing and dismissing teachers; designating the schools to be attended by the children within the district; providing for the transportation of children; and preparing a statement of educational goals and student objectives for the district (Connecticut General Statutes 10-220).

The Board also has the duty of negotiating with the organizations representing the administrators, certified professional employees in the district (Connecticut General Statutes 10-153a through 10-153m), and other groups for whom the Board is the designated employer.

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