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Proposed zoning text amendments regarding Special Permit and Special Exception
Proposed zoning text amendments regarding Special Permit and Special Exception

"The Building Zoning Regulations currently specify when a particular use is subject to a special permit application subject to Planning and Zoning Commission review and approval, or a special exception subject to review and approval by the Zoning Board of Appeals. Application PLPZ 2018 00233 is a proposal to amend the aforementioned Sections such that all special exception uses would now be reclassified as special permit uses with the exception of accessory uses in residential zones over a certain size (see Section 6-95(a)(2)(A)), which would still be handled by the Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals unless it is part of a special permit application already required per Section 6-101, then only a special permit is needed. The net effect of this would be that the outside resources available to the Planning and Zoning Commission would now be applied to the questions of use that had previously been characterized as special exception uses. These resources include analytical reports prepared by Planning and Zoning Staff, which include specific comments from Town Departments, reports from the Commission’s Traffic Consultant, and public briefing meeting prior to the public hearings. This would also have the effect of significantly reducing the time it takes to go through the regulatory process from approximately nine (9) months to four (4) months. Lastly proposed, is a modification that would allow the Commission, under special permit applications, to permit a limited increase of FAR for special permit uses in residential zones, for those properties that also rezone to Historic Overlay to protect historic assets, and also for non-profit educational institutions."

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