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Storm Cleanup and Disaster Preparation

The Town of Greenwich continues recovery and cleanup operations. Helpful disaster prevention and recovery information is available below.

Residents wanting electricity turned on or off to a specific residence must contact the Building Department at 622-7755.

Natural Gas
Residents needing natural gas turned on or off should call CNG at 869-6900.

To make a claim against the town for damage to property due to the storm, call the Risk Manager, Chris DeMeo at 622-7724. 

CT Dept. of Emergency Management & Homeland Security
Click here for Public Assistance Grant information, disaster assistance, radiation injury protection and protecting personal records.

Were You Prepared?
by Connecticut DEMHC Commissioner, James M. Thomas
Connecticut was hit with heavy rains and flooding beginning Sunday, April 15th. Fortunately, no lives were lost, however a significant amount of damage occurred throughout the state. Connecticut was not alone in that several states in the FEMA Region 1 area were impacted.

Despite the considerable damage that occurred, we were pleased with the out-standing efforts of the local Emergency Management Directors and the Chief Elected Officials, who made every effort to protect the citizens of our state. This included evacuations when necessary and the opening of public shelters with the assistance of the American Red Cross.

Governor Rell led the state officials from the Emergency Operations Center at the Armory and participated on several conference calls with the local and fed-eral officials. FEMA and State teams performed preliminary disaster assessments in numerous towns in the State. The Governor requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration for the April 2007 Nor'easter.

Residents and business owners should keep copies of bills, invoices, checks, and estimates for disaster damage cost, and take before and after photographs if possible. If the President designates certain counties in CT as disaster areas eligible for Individual Assistance, FEMA will publish a 1-800 Tele-registration number for applicants in eligible counties to register. FEMA and the Governor's Office will issue press releases. If, on the other hand, no FEMA Individual Assistance Disaster Declaration is received, the Governor will request a declaration from the U.S. Small Business Administration. If the SBA designates certain counties in CT for an SBA disaster, residents and businesses would be eligible to apply for low-interest loans.

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