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Greenwich Water Supply: Current Conditions
Greenwich Water Supply: Current Conditions

MAY 1, 2017: The Board of Selectmen rescinded the water ban and adopted water restrictions on all outdoor irrigation by automatic irrigation systems and sprinkler type equipment limiting watering to 2-day per week. See chart above.  

Current Water Restriction Documents:  

Direct questions about variances or concerns as follows:

Residents on public supply served by Aquarion: http://www.aquarion.com/CT/irrigation

All other residents, including those served by private wells: Email Conservation@greenwichct.org or call 203-622-6461

MARCH 9, 2017: The Town of Greenwich Board of Selectmen, at their March 9, 2017 meeting, adopted new water restrictions that focus on restricting water use for outdoor irrigation and are in keeping with the Emergency Water Supply Order recently issued by the CT Department of Public Health.  The new restrictions recognize that reservoir levels are improving but are still below average.  Precipitation over the past 90 days has resulted in the Greenwich reservoir system reaching 73% full as of February 22, 2017.  Average is normally around 88% at this time of year.  

The new restrictions ban the use of automatic irrigation and sprinkler irrigation systems.  Drip irrigation, soaker hoses, and hand held hoses are exempt from the ban.  Additionally, golf courses are banned from watering fairways but are allowed to water tees and greens.  Previously banned outdoor uses such as car washing and power washing is now allowed, however residents should still be reducing overall water use, both indoor and out, by 20%.   Water restrictions are effective immediately and apply town-wide including residents and businesses that are served by private wells.

“Residents are reminded that we are still in a water supply emergency and we will need at least average rainfall this spring to fully recover from the drought” said First Selectman Peter Tesei.  “Greenwich residents were able to reduce average demand on our water resources over the winter and I applaud their efforts.  It has made a real difference during this emergency.  All residents need to continue to practice good water conservation and reduce water usage by 20% to ensure that reservoirs and wells to recover for the spring.”

“During this water supply emergency, we are still restricting the drilling of new wells for irrigation and the withdrawal of water by truck from surface supplies.” stated Caroline Baisley, Director Health.  “We need residents to understand that there is a connection between surface and groundwater.  Our restrictions are set up to protect the overall health and resiliency of our water supply.”

“The Town is actively monitoring drought conditions looking at rainfall data, stream flow and ground water conditions, and reservoir levels, and all indicate that our water resources are still stressed,” said Conservation Director Denise Savageau.  “We have a deficit of over 14” of rainfall for the past 365 days and are entering the third year of a drought.  We really need several months of above average precipitation to get us out drought conditions, refill our reservoirs and recharge the groundwater.”

Savageau heads up the Greenwich Water Supply Team that includes Fire Chief Peter Siecienski, Director of Health Caroline Baisley, Emergency Management Director Dan Warzoha, and the First Selectman. The team monitors water supplies throughout the year not only for drinking water but also looking at fire safety and stream flow.  

To get a 20% reduction in indoor and non-irrigation outdoor water use, residents are reminded to practice water conservation in their homes and businesses by following these simple tips:

Check and fix for water leaks, especially in the bathroom.
Flush toilets only when necessary.
Don’t use the toilet as a wastebasket.
Take shorter showers, don’t use bathtubs unless necessary and then fill bathtubs only half-way.
Don’t let the water run while brushing teeth, shaving, washing your hands, or doing dishes.
Keep a bottle or pitcher of drinking water in the refrigerator.
Wash only full loads in the washing machine or dishwasher.
Replace older plumbing with low flow toilets and showerheads.
Sweep the drive way, do not flush with hose 
Use bucket when washing car, don’t keep hose running
Do not overwater outdoor plants

Information on the Water Supply Emergency can be found below:

For information on variances email:

Denise.savageau@greenwichct.org or

For Update on Aquarion:

For Update on CT Water Status:


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Town of Greenwich Water Supply Team Contacts:
Denise Savageau, Conservation Director – 622-6461 – lead contact
Peter Tesei, First Selectman – 622-7710
Caroline Baisley, Director of Health – 622-7836
Daniel Warzoha, Emergency Management Director – 622-2222
Peter Siecienski, Fire Chief – 622-3951    

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