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Frequently Asked Questions
Conservation Commission

  • What is the Town doing to ensure that we have a safe and adequate drinking water supply?
  • What is the Town doing to protect Open Space?
  • Is the Town doing anything to manage white-tailed deer?
  • Do I need a permit to cut down trees on my property?

  • Q. What is the Town doing to ensure that we have a safe and adequate drinking water supply?
    Under the direction of the First Selectman, the Town has a water supply work group that includes the Conservation Director, the Director of Health and the Fire Chief which looks at both public and private supplies. Approximately 60 percent of Greenwich residents are served by the Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut. The other 40 percent rely on private wells. The Conservation Director serves as the liaison between the Town and the water company and monitors the water supply on a daily basis throughout the year.

    In addition, all three of the land use agencies (Planning and Zoning, Inland Wetlands, and Conservation) consider public drinking water supply issues during the land use regulatory process. For more information on water supply and drought management issues in Greenwich click here.

    Q. What is the Town doing to protect Open Space?
    The Conservation Commission is responsible for keeping an inventory of open space in Town most recently completed for the 2002 Open Space Plan. The Conservation Director works closely with other Town departments and non-profit agencies on open space protection and management strategies; and serves as staff to the First Selectman's Land Acquisition Committee. Open Space protection strategies include acquisition and conservation easements. For more information on open space protection in Greenwich contact the Conservation Director at (203) 622-6461 or dsavageau@greenwichct.org.

    Q. Is the Town doing anything to manage white-tailed deer?
    The over-population of white-tailed deer has been well documented in Greenwich. The Conservation Commission is currently working with the University of Connecticut's Wildlife Conservation and Research Center to develop a deer management program for the Town. Click here for Deer Fact Sheets.

    Q. Do I need a permit to cut down trees on my property?
    Maybe. In general, trees that are on private lots are not subject to permitting at this time. The following exceptions to this are:
    • Trees that are in the Town right-of-way may be street trees and are managed by the Town Tree Warden. For information on street trees contact the Tree Warden in the Parks and Recreation Department.
    • Trees located in or near wetlands may need to a wetland permit to remove especially if the area is being clear cut or if the process involves the removal of stumps. For more information contact the Inland Wetlands and Watercourse Agency.  
    • Trees on lots that are part of a subdivision may be protected in several ways through the Planning and Zoning process including outright protection of special large trees as indicated in the permit approval letter and/or trees that are located in a conservation area or conservation easement.
    Landowners should check for restrictions in the Planning and Zoning office. In addition, clearcutting of trees on subdivided lots will most likely required that an erosion and sediment control plan be implemented especially if the area is being stumped and graded. For more information contact the Conservation Commission staff.

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